Run for God – Run Club – Why Now?

Run for God will soon be celebrating its sixth year of sharing the Gospel of Christ through the sport of running. Tens of thousands of people have walked through this program that started with just twenty-two people at Grove Level Baptist Church in Dalton, GA. Although Mitchell did step out of his comfort zone that first cold night in January of 2010, it was never his goal or desire for Run for God to be what it is today. No, if you’ve read his testimony you know that the Run for God of today was nowhere on his radar, but we all know whose radar it was on.

Early on it was obvious that God was at work in this ministry. Doors began to open, walls were taken down, and Run for God almost seemed to grow without any effort at all. Almost daily Mitchell and Holly were pushed farther and farther outside their comfort zone. Holly even left her job doing ultrasounds to keep up with the ever-growing number of classes that began popping up. Why? Because it became very obvious that God was driving this train and someone had better hop on to help.

Since the early days of Run for God not much has changed. We still have a small warehouse that the day-to-day operations are run out of.  We still show up to host races a few times a year, and we still have new classes popping up on a weekly basis. But the Run for God – Run Club may just change that!

Since the beginning, people who have taken The 5K Challenge or The 10K/Half Challenge have all asked the same question. What next? It seems as though the on-going discipleship piece has been missing. We hear from classes all over the country who meet over and over again, not because they need a refresher on how to run a 5K, but because they love the community atmosphere that they were a part of. They learn together, share together, and yes, run together.

We have been discussing a club format for sometime now, but it wasn’t until Devotions that we had a tool to help make that happen. As you know Devotions is an annual study that will keep the Run for God program fresh for years to come. In fact while rewriting The 5K Challenge, which releases this November, we decided to revolve that entire program around Devotions.

Our research tells us that had we started The Run Club back in 2010, it would be the largest running club in America. Not only the largest, but it would be six times larger than the current title holder. Wow! Imagine what a statement would be made if this time next year the Run for God – Run Club was the largest running club in America. It really is no reflection on what the folks at Run for God are doing, but it IS a huge reflection on what God may be up to.

Check out the Run for God – Run Club today at and Join The Movement!

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