Knowledge or Relationship

This past Saturday we hosted the 7th Annual Run for God – Run at the Mill in Dalton, GA. This 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon was the first event we ever hosted, and is, to this day one of my favorite events. Maybe it’s the onset of spring, the fact that it’s close to my home, or that we’ve always been blessed with perfect weather, but I always look forward to race day at The Mill!

Last year at this race I began doing something different during our pre-race announcement, prayer, and National Anthem ceremony. I began to simply pose the question, “Do you know where you would spend eternity should you leave this earth today?” As you may already know, the Lord has really been pushing me outside my comfort zone when it comes to evangelism, and posing this question in front of hundreds of people was about as far removed from my comfort zone as you can get.

This year, the Lord laid on my heart something a little different, and He did this the night before the race. On race morning as I took the stage, I told the crowd that I’d like to introduce someone very special to them. I asked my pastor Charlie Bridges to join me as I formally introduced him to everyone. I explained that Charlie was my pastor, my friend, and one of my mentors. I went on to explain to everyone that there is no other way that I would introduce Charlie. I’d never say this is Charlie Bridges from Grove Level Baptist Church. I’d never say this is Charlie Bridges, the husband of Lynn Bridges. And I’d never say this is Charlie Bridges the guy who drives a white Chevrolet. No, I would only introduce Charlie as my friend or my pastor.

How I introduce Charlie matters. The pastor of Grove Level, the husband of Lynn, and the guy who drives a Chevy, all indicate that I know who Charlie is. But the fact that I describe Charlie as my pastor and my friend indicates a relationship.

Over 2000 years ago a very similar conversation took place. It took place as Jesus was talking with His disciples. He asked them “Who do men say that I am?” They began telling Him about all the rumors and who people were saying that He was. Then Jesus looked at Peter and asked what could be considered the most important question in the history of the world. He asked Peter, “Who do YOU say that I AM?”

So why is this question so important as it pertains to Jesus? Because, here again, how we describe who Jesus is matters! I’ve heard people describe Jesus/God in many ways. A supreme being, the creator, all knowing, the “Man” in the Good Book, JC, and many others. But none of those indicates a relationship. I’m always comforted when I hear people say things like my Father, my Savior, or my Everything because this indicates a relationship with Jesus Christ in the same way that me introducing Charlie as my pastor/friend indicates a relationship with him.

Who do you say that Jesus is? The answer to this question has eternal consequences.

Have a great day everyone.


1 thought on “Knowledge or Relationship

  1. Mitchell this is a really good point and something to think about. I’ve have struggle for years with religion. Then my wife and I found this church where we we feel like family. We just don’t attend church we are the church. We started a small group several years ago and the relationships have bloomed and flourish over the years. They are Jesus’s hands and feet to me, my support! Thank you for point out that the most important thing we can do is develop a relationship with our Savoir.

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