When Two Worlds Collide

For those of you who don’t know, I wasn’t always a runner; I haven’t always been the Run for God guy. Nope, in fact, my profession since I graduated high school has been a general contractor. That’s right, I grew up on jobsites, swinging hammers, toting lumber, and hearing all the normal conversations that take place in this setting which is usually far from spiritual. I love being a contractor. I love taking nothing one day and building it into something beautiful the next. To me, it’s very satisfying.

Over the last several years I’ve been somewhat removed from that setting due to the growth of Run for God as well as the weak housing market. My partner and brother Jerome was very understanding in 2010 when I told him I felt the Lord calling me to start a ministry that we all know as Run for God.

As of late, I’ve been making a return to the job site. I’ve got great people around me at Run for God, which has allowed me to step back into a world that has dramatically changed. Or has it? You see, as I sit here typing this blog, I’m sitting in my truck on one of our job sites. There are dozers, dump trucks, men chewing and smoking tobacco, foul language, and the smell of fresh turned dirt permeating the air. I won’t forget walking up on a job a few weeks ago and a sub-contractor that I’d known since I was a kid was using words that I hadn’t been exposed to in some time. Had he changed? Nope, but I had.

God really began to open my eyes to the fact that He had changed me. He had taken me out of an environment that’s not always so Godly so that He could change my heart and place me back there to point people to him. Something I would have never done years ago.

So where does God have you right now? Do you shy away from those who don’t have a relationship with Christ because your fearful of what they might say, think, or do? If you don’t shy away, are you blending in? Or, are you shining the light of Jesus to the very people who may need to see it most?

Don’t try to compartmentalize God! Don’t try and show Him off in some areas and hide Him in others. Let the love of Jesus flow into all areas of your life and make it your goal to reach those whom you’d never expect to reach. Matthew 5:16 says to, “let your light shine before others.” Is your light always shining before others? Go ahead; let your worlds (church, family, job, recreation) collide! Who knows, maybe it’s stepping outside your comfort zone and teaching a Run for God class whereby your recreation and spiritual worlds collide?


1 thought on “When Two Worlds Collide

  1. One of my favorite RFG devotions, that I still use, is from the first edition – Are you a Waffle or Pancake? Do you compartmentalize God like syrup into waffle squares or have Him flow through all your life like syrup over pancakes?

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