Go Run!

Here is a comprehensive list of ALL the times when it is advisable to miss a scheduled run:

Number One.  When it would make you a worse runner or a scoundrel.

That’s it.  No other rules apply.  It’s only a little more complicated than that.

Obviously, if running would be injurious to you, then it would make you a worse runner.  Don’t run if you would injure yourself more.  If you’re just sore, go run.  If you ran twenty miles yesterday, then running twenty more miles today would probably make you a worse a runner too.  It’s all just common sense.

It’s the scoundrel part that makes it more complicated.  For example, you would be a scoundrel to run instead of going to your best friend’s anniversary party.  That part’s simple.  However, the complexity comes from the fact that there is probably sometime during the day when you can fit that run in.  Can you get up a little earlier?  Note that getting up earlier neither makes you a worse runner nor a scoundrel.

Sick?  How sick are you?  Tired? So what.  Is it raining?  Snowing? You get wet on purpose every day when you take a shower; it won’t hurt you.  Don’t feel like it.  You’ll be fine once you get going.

Stop the excuses. Make some time.  Go for a run.

Christianity is just as simple.  There is one way:  John 14:6 says, “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  You either believe Christ is the answer or you don’t.  It’s black and white, simple as pie.  Once you believe that, it gets a little more complex as we struggle to become more Christ-like, but, just like there is one rule for whether or not you run, there is one rule for whether or not you’re going to Heaven.

It’s a convoluted world out there, but there are some things that are still uncomplicated.  I like simplicity.


1 thought on “Go Run!

  1. Great article. I just had shoulder surgery 3 week ago. I thought I could start running again. Doctor said no the jarring would cause damage, so walking is it for awhile.

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