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I sit here today, one day after laying my good friend David Hendrix to rest, thinking about his legacy.  There are so many things that I can say about David.  But I thought it best to simply share an article that we published about David several years back.  He was always sharing Jesus, even till the day he died.  May you rest in peace my friend, your legacy will be around for generations.

HIS COLLEAGUES DESCRIBE him as a man of deep faith, someone who is dedicated, and devoted to Run for God. Mitchell Hollis calls him an advisor, a mentor, and “the one who first said Run for God was going to be something big.” Although David Hendrix does not have a formal title, he is admired and appreciated by many, but more importantly, he loves God and has a desire to serve, which he believes is his calling.

Hendrix will tell you, firsthand, that he is thrilled to serve behind the scenes, helping others, rather than standing in the spotlight. “I believe God called me to enable others,” he says. “And when I am working for Run for God, I don’t really consider it work. It is just awesome to see God work.”

Performing tasks behind the scenes along with encouraging others is what Hendrix enjoys most. There are many projects he completes including setting up the finish line structure, taking inventory, preparing equipment, and other functions that may be required by the Run for God team. “It’s not Run for God ministry that excites me, it’s seeing God move,” he says. “Mitchell is following God and God is leading this ministry.”

Hendrix shares how God has been in this ministry from the beginning. “These days people do things by their own effort and they fail,” Hendrix says. “It’s a thrill to witness people like Mitchell do things when they spend time following God. It’s a fact, God’s leadership is going to prevail.”

David Hendrix has been with Run for God since it began in 2010 at Grove Level Baptist Church. “I was there from the beginning and knew God had His hand on this ministry,” he says. Hendrix retired in 2012 from Grove Level Baptist Church after serving 31 faithful years as the Associate Pastor/ Minister of Music. “I remember when Mitchell shared that God called him to the Run for God ministry,” Hendrix says. “I knew that God was going to help him because this was totally out of Mitchell’s comfort zone. He was in construction for heaven’s sake.”

“My role began helping Mitchell get things done at the church,” he says. “I am no longer involved in the intimate details like I was in the beginning. Mitchell has a lot of things going on, now that the ministry has grown, but whenever I see his number on my cell, I know it’s priority, and I am on it. I want to make God and Mitchell proud of everything I do.”

Hendrix was a part of the first Run for God 5k class at Grove level Baptist Church and shares how Run for God has influenced his life. “Run for God to me is deeper than being in shape,” Hendrix says. “If I had to give you a golden drop of everything in my life, Run for God has given me perseverance.”

“I have learned that pain is necessary, not fun emotionally or physically, but the rewards are greater when you persevere.”

“Before Run for God, I sold myself short,” he says. “When I reached mile 8 while running my first half marathon, I thought I was going to die, but I persevered through it.”

“The big question I asked myself was how many things have I quit because of pain? I knew I couldn’t do anything about those things in the past, but I could do something about tomorrow – persevere to the end,” he says. “It all comes down to this: It’s bigger than physical, it’s emotion. It’s a spiritual experience to run. You apply what you learn in Run for God to life.”

Connect Magazine – Spring 2015

2 thoughts on “Leave a Legacy

  1. I loved seeing David’s smile when I would do Run for God at the mill. He had an accepting approach to him. You can just feel the love around him and he didn’t even have to open his mouth. I wasn’t able to attend his funeral because I’m in NC but RIP my friend! You were and are an awesome man of God for sure! ❤️ –Sharon Schwartz

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