Our Lives are like Lake Weed

LakeWeedBannerA few weeks ago I was running with a friend of mine and as we passed a local pond we began talking about lake weed. The particular pond that I’m referring to is known for having lots of lake weed. This is simply algae that grows in the pond and makes its way to the surface during the hottest part of a summer day. You’ll pass that same pond on an early morning run and you’ll see little to no lake weed.

But why, why does this occur? Simply put, it’s the sunlight. Many times when a pond is shallow enough for the sun to penetrate to the bottom, algae will begin to grow and chase the sunlight to the surface of the water. As the sun goes down, so will the algae that has made it’s way to the surface. Many people will even plant trees around their ponds to provide shade and keep the algae problem under control, basically killing the shaded algae because of a lack of sunlight.

Isn’t that how we as Christians are? We are like the lake weed and our sunlight is the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.  When we constantly expose ourselves to Jesus through reading His Word and prayer we begin to grow and flourish.  We begin to branch out and share what we’ve found with others. Just like that lake weed uses photosynthesis to convert sunlight into energy, constant exposure to Jesus Christ will produce a spiritual energy that can’t be replicated.

But there is a warning in this analogy.  Just like the lack of sunlight will kill the algae in the pond, our lack of interaction with the Son of Man will produce spiritual deadness as well. Allowing unconfessed sin in our life is no different than that shade tree on the ponds edge. They both block the light and begin to kill what is below.

Jesus says in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Today, I challenge you to seek the light of life, Jesus Christ himself. Remove any obstacles from your life (sin) that would block His light, and bask in the Sonlight that will give you the spiritual growth that nothing else can provide.


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Personal Quiet Time

Personal Quiet Time

How important is Personal Quiet Time?  Very! It’s very important.

This past Spring I joined about 45 others from my church on a Mission Trip to South Carolina.  We spent the week going into low-income housing projects and having backyard Bible clubs with the children who lived there. We were very busy.  We’d wake up early, have some breakfast, have our time with these kids, eat lunch, and then we were off to minister to folks in that community through face painting and balloons.  We’d come back, have some dinner, a little free time, and then we were off to bed.  It seemed as though we could not be any more immersed in God’s work.

At the end of the week however, a strange thing happened.  As our team loaded up to head home, our family loaded up to head to a race that my son was doing in Greenville, SC just a few hours down the road. As we were driving there, my mind began to get back on all the things that were going to need to be done after being gone for a week.  The hustle and bustle of my everyday life began to overwhelm me to the point that by time we arrived in Greenville I was frustrated, ill, and just not very pleasant to be around.  I knew it, and I could see that my family knew it as well.

But why?  Why did I just leave a place where we had seen God’s hand move in the lives of many young people, a place where we went to do God’s work, and four hours later I was fit to be tied?  I began to have this blunt conversation with God.  I began to tell him about all the good that I had done (just so you know, I do understand how ridiculous this sounds).  I had taken a week to serve Him, to tell others about Him, and to witness first hand others receive Him.  So why did I feel so far from Him?

His answer was short and to the point.  Because I failed to talk to Him.  You see, on any normal day, I wake up, have my breakfast, and spend some time in God’s word and praying.  It’s my time to connect with God one on one.  But that didn’t happen that week.  I looked back, and though I was doing God’s work, I never once talked to Him one on one. What would happen if you went on vacation with your spouse and never spoke to them?  You get my point.

The bottom line is this. Don’t get so caught up in doing the things OF God that you neglect your time WITH God.  You can get so busy in doing God’s work that you miss Him all together.