God Thoughts

God ThoughtsI don’t know about you, but God is always laying things on my heart.  Things that both encourage me and that could point people to His saving grace, but many times I go through my busy day and let those thoughts slip away.

It is for this reason that we are going to try something new here at Run for God.  We are going to test a series called God Thoughts.

These are simple messages that I feel God has laid on my heart and prompted me to share with everyone in my sphere of influence, and that includes you.

God Thoughts has three objectives.

Number one, for you to Watch.  Join our YouTube channel and watch these short videos and prayerfully consider what God may be telling you.  Maybe He’s offering you encouragement in a particular situation or even prompting you to take some kind of action.  Whatever it is, be obedient.

Number two, Share. The more you like, comment on, and share these videos, the more we will know that they are effective.  This is evangelism in its most simple form. Taking the word of God and sharing it with a lost and dying world, and believe me, there are plenty of people looking at your social media feed who need to hear the hope of Jesus.

Number three, Salvations. This is the primary goal of Run for God. Introducing people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Each video will conclude with an invitation to visit our Peace with God webpage.  God has already used this simple yet powerful page to bring many into a personal relationship with Himself.

That’s it everyone. My hope and prayer is that these God Thoughts will both encourage believers and draw the lost to Jesus. It’s a simple formula, but if we all pitch in it will make an enormous impact for the cause of Christ.

I love you all, now go tell someone about Jesus.


Subscribe to God Thoughts by visiting our YouTube page here.

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