Satan’s Convention

I heard a story the other day that made so much sense; I just had to share it with you.  In full disclosure, I’ve tried to find the author of this story, but everywhere I see this story posted it simply says author unknown.

The story is about how Satan keeps Christians from Christ and it goes something like this.

Satan called a worldwide convention. In his opening address to his evil angels, he said, “We can’t keep Christians from going to church. We can’t keep them from reading their Bibles and knowing the truth. We can’t even keep them from conservative values. But we can do something else. We can keep them from forming an intimate, abiding experience in Christ. If they gain that connection with Jesus, our power over them is broken.”

“So let them go to church. Let them have their conservative lifestyles. But steal their time so they can’t gain that experience in Jesus Christ.”

“Here is how I want you to do this. Distract them from gaining hold of their Savior and maintaining that vital connection throughout their day.”

“But how shall we do this?” shouted one of Satan’s angels.

“Keep them busy in the non-essentials of life and invent numerous schemes to occupy their minds” he answered. “Tempt them to spend, spend, spend, then borrow, borrow, borrow. Convince the parents to work 6 or 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day, so they can afford their life-styles. Keep them from spending time with their children. As their families fragment, soon their homes will offer no escape from the pressures of work.”

“Over-stimulate their minds so that they cannot hear that still small voice. Entice them to play the radio whenever they drive, to keep the TV going constantly in their homes. And see to it that every store and restaurant in the world plays music constantly. This will jam their minds and break that union with Christ. Fill their coffee tables with magazines and newspapers. Pound their minds with the news 24 hours a day and invade their driving moments with billboards. Flood their mailboxes with junk mail, sweepstakes, mail order catalogs, and every kind of newsletter and promotional offering free products, services and false hopes.”

“Even in their recreation, let them be excessive. Have them return from it exhausted, distracted and unprepared for the coming week.”

“Don’t let them go out in nature. Send them to amusement parks, sporting events, concerts and movies instead. And when they meet for fellowship, involve them in gossip and small talk so that they leave with a troubled consciences and unsettled emotion.”

“Let them be involved in soul-winning. But crowd their lives with so many good causes they have no time to seek the power of Christ. Soon they will be working in their own strength, sacrificing their health and family unity for the good of the cause.”

Well, in the end it was quite a convention. The evil angels went eagerly to their assignments, causing Christians everywhere to get busy, busy, busy and rush here and there.

Has the devil been successful in his scheme? You be the judge.

Today, I challenge you to take inventory of your life.  Does this story ring true for you?  I know it has for me from time to time, but the good news is that the moment we put our focus squarely on Jesus, Satan is powerless.

Maybe you’re not sure how to put your focus on Jesus.  If that’s you then I’d ask you to head on over to our webpage to learn how to do just that.

If you like what you’ve read in this blog, then please like it, comment on it, but most importantly, share it.  You never know who might need to hear the simple truth of Jesus Christ today.

Friends, I love you, but more importantly God Loves You.

Now go tell someone about Jesus!


5 thoughts on “Satan’s Convention

  1. This really hits home! I am a full time pastor with a full time job training for a half marathon. We rarely turn on any media, my drive to work is a hour long 1 way it’s my quiet time. If a person looks you can find time to talk with our Heavenly Father, my experience is you will find time for what you really want.

  2. Also, let’s get Christians to act like they have it all together showing up at church week after week doing religious duties. Let them never be real, down to earth and share their struggles or stories. That way people especially newcomers will suffer in silence with their struggles and feel like they don’t belong or have a voice. And they may not experience the healing power of Jesus or freedom. Eventually, they will leave the church”building” feeling like they never measured up anyway. #reachout #hugsomeone #encourage #love #share #listen

  3. Sharon, you are correct. We actually removed that part from the video but failed to do so in the written blog. That has now been taken care of. As Mitchell stated, this is simply a story that hit home for him and not a story that he actually wrote. Thank you for reaching out Sharon, we agree with you 100%.
    The Run for God Team

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