Darren Lewis

Darren Lewis.jpgA lot has changed for me since I “found” Run for God. I wanted to become an instructor seven years ago because I was an avid runner and I had rededicated my life to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When I taught my first class, I must have looked like the proverbial deer staring into headlights. I was scared beyond belief, lacked the self confidence to lead a bible study, and could not understand why someone (God) would push me into something I was ill-equipped to do (in my mind). But I listened, and I prayed, and I obeyed, and I persevered, and here I am 7 years later with a whole new perspective on life and my relationship with God.

Run for God has given me an entirely new perspective on running, the bible, and life. My life is no longer about pursuing for my own personal gains, but about eternal gains. And not just for me, but for a lost and dying world. You see, when I first started teaching this class I was going to teach a “running class” that had a little scripture sprinkled in. Run for God has allowed my faith to develop, grow, and flourish to the point where running has taken the back seat to sharing the gospel and helping others to develop and grow in their faith. As I like to say, I am no longer running FROM God, but rather running FOR God!

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