Molly Wade

Molly WadeWe live in a world where the pulls of a secular society are stronger than ever. Politics polarize, journalists spin, and opinions are loud. Although cultural decorum seems to be slipping away, there are a few constants: nature, health, and God. Run for God (RFG) is a program that focuses people’s attention on those constants and Christian virtues, all while energizing individuals in mind, body and spirit.

While our society and culture focus increasingly on looking at screens and expressing themselves via social media, RFG reminds people that the only audience that matters is the audience of One. For 12 weeks, people of all ages and ability levels follow a training program that strengthens them from the inside out. While their bodies become accustomed to running, their minds become accustomed to discernment, on figuring out the best way to live a meaningful life for Christ. Rather than dwelling on the time it takes to run a certain distance, participants learn to focus on the fact that they are running no matter the pace or the distance. The sense of accomplishment and pride is palpable to all spectators when a Run for God runner crosses the finish line on Race Day. But, more importantly, as they cross over the timing pad, these people realize that they are now superbly equipped to run the race of life with God alongside.  And that… is the greatest triumph.

Molly Wade – Madbury, New Hampshire

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