Take or Teach This January

Do you make New Years Resolutions?  Do you set goals each year?

Sure you do.  Whether we call them resolutions or not, we all have a natural tendency to hit the reset button each January and tell ourselves that something is going to be different.

For many it’s getting healthier.  We all make it our goal to live a healthier lifestyle.  We do that because we know we’ll feel better about ourselves.  Admit it, there is no better feeling than laying our head down at night a little bit sore from the workout that we did that day. We know we did something, and we know we’ll sleep better because of it.

For others it’s doing better in our walk with Christ.  Just like exercise, we’ve got to be intentional and committed to our daily walk with Christ.  Just like exercise there is no better feeling than laying our head down at night knowing that our walk with Jesus Christ is where it needs to be.

Friends, this is what Run for God is all about.  We take the two most common New Year’s Resolutions and combine them into one incredible experience.

The 5K Challenge is a 12-week Bible Study that parallels Faith and Endurance while taking those who have never run to their first 5K.

I tell people all the time that it doesn’t matter if you’re TAKING the class or TEACHING the class, it WILL change your life.

So how can you get involved this January?  We’ve got three very simple options.

#1 Teach a Class

Now I know that gives many of you a sense of anxiety!  Believe me. When God laid this on my heart ten years ago I had never taught anything, in fact, I was looking for the door, because God obviously had the wrong person.  If God is speaking to you, then listen; you’ll be better for it.

We’ve made it simple for ANYONE to teach this class in their community.  I know this, because we are now in over 3500 communities around the world where people just like you are changing lives one mile at a time.

The Instructors Kits are also HALF OFF for a limited time.

#2 We’ve got two ways for you to TAKE the class, to be a Student.

First.  Go to RunforGod.com/Classes and search for a class in your area.  Reach out to that instructor and get signed up.  The friends and accountability partners that you’ll meet will soon evolve into lifelong friends.  There are no better bonds formed than when we sweat and study God’s Word together.

Don’t see a class in your area?  Then head on over to RunforGod.com/Virtual and sign up for our first ever Worldwide Virtual 5K Challenge starting January 8th.  This Challenge will be taught by a Dynamic Duo out of Billings, Montana.  Joey and Cece Traywick have a heart to see the mission of Run for God come to life. They are genuine, funny, and absolutely sold out for Christ.

This option is PERFECT for those who don’t have a class nearby or need a class that will work for their schedule.  You can tune in live and interact with Joey and Cece or you can tune in later and watch the recording.  Either way their desire is to create a community that will encourage each other along this journey.

Well that’s it everyone. Teach the class!  Take the class Live!  Or TAKE the class Virtually this January!

No matter what your interaction with Run for God looks like, my hope, my desire, my prayer is that you will see the heart of Jesus Christ flow through this ministry.  Christmas is a time when we celebrate the birth of Christ, and what better gift to give Christ himself than to tell others about His Saving Grace.

Friends, I love you, but more importantly God loves you.  Now, go tell someone about Jesus this Christmas season!


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