Tom Shoes Testimony

Can we take the principals of today’s business world and use them to share Christ more effectively?  I say yes!

Hey everyone, Mitchell Hollis here with Run for God.

I was recently watching a business seminar when the speaker was giving one of the secrets to success for today’s businesses.  He was telling the story of Tom Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie.  If you’ve never heard of Tom Shoes, they are a shoe company who gives away a pair of shoes to someone in need each time a pair is sold.

The speaker was telling about the early years of Tom Shoes when Mr. Mycoskie was trying to get the company off the ground in a highly competitive market.  He told the story of one particular trip when Mr. Mycoskie traveled to New York City to try and persuade buyers to give his product a try. The trip did not go well and as he was in the airport waiting to board his plane to head back to LA he noticed something.  He noticed a lady wearing a pair of Tom Shoes.  Now keep in mind, at this point in the history of the company, it was uncommon to see people wearing those shoes.

Blake Mycoskie just couldn’t help himself as he approached the lady and said, “Nice Shoes”.  What unfolded over the next few minutes radically changed Mr. Mycoskie’s outlook on his very young company.  The lady began to tell the story of Tom Shoes unknowingly to the man who lived it.  She began to tell him how the founder was traveling the world and became burdened about all the people who don’t have shoes.  She explained that each time Tom’s sold a pair of shoes, the company donates a pair of shoes.  This lady was so excited about the story and mission of Tom Shoes it almost made the founder himself want to go out and buy a pair.

As Blake Mycoskie boarded the plane back to LA he had an “AaHa” moment that radically changed the future of Tom Shoes.  You see, Blake saw first hand that people want to understand who you are before they care about what you have.  This lady in the airport didn’t go on and on about the quality of the shoes, which I’m sure they are high quality, but she did go on and on about the story of the person selling them.

So why do I tell this story? In full disclosure, I really don’t know anything about Tom Shoes other than this story.  I don’t know anything about Blake Mycoskie other than this story. But I do know that he stumbled onto a mistake he was making that we often make when sharing the Gospel.  Mr. Mycoskie was traveling the country trying to sell something in a highly competitive market while completely neglecting the story behind it.

Our testimony is our story. Tom Shoes didn’t become a 300 million dollar company because they simply sold shoes.  They became a successful company because of the story, “The Testimony” of the company and how they were changing lives.

We live in a society that is selling lots of things.  Different religions, different lifestyles, and different preferences.  If you are a child of God, then you have the best product ever offered (Salvation), and best of all, it’s given freely.  But too many times people are unwilling to accept it because they don’t see the value in it.  Now, as a child of God I understand the value.  I understand it because of what God’s Word says and because of how it has impacted my life.  I know that since accepting this gift that my life has much more meaning and satisfaction. I know that God clearly speaks to me and that I have an eternal home that is far greater than what I have hear on earth.

The question is, do I make the mistake that many business have made.  Do I try to sell the product without sharing the story?  Do I tell people they need Jesus without first telling them what He’s done in my life?  Too many times we get this process backwards.

Now before anyone gets upset, I DO understand that God can change a person’s heart without hearing our story.  I also understand that some may take issue with comparing sharing the Gospel with a business transaction.  That’s not my intent.  My message here is simple.  Don’t neglect your testimony.  It is by far the most powerful tool that we have in sharing the Gospel of Christ. Formulate yours, write it down, and be prepared to share it.

1 Peter 3:15 says, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”  Always be prepared to tell your story.

If you’d like to know more about how to have true peace with God, if you’d like to learn how to accept the greatest gift ever, free of charge, then visit

Friends, I love you, but more importantly God Loves You.  Now, go tell someone about Jesus, and what he’s done in your life, today!

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